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Article Install Tiki Wiki from Git, Virtualmin and Debian 10 on AWS EC2 instance A short summary of the complete setup from a fresh install to publish a Tiki website online using Virtualmin, Git and MariaDB. I’ll explain how to setup your server, install Webmin and Virtuamin co
Article Magento and Joomla RCE vulnerability endangering the platforms and their servers. A critical Remote Code Execution (RCE) vulnerability has been found and confirmed on the e-commerce platform (owned by eBay) Magento. The vulnerability is affecting hundreds of thousands of online mer
Article Set a static IP address for your Lightsail instance I have published several articles detailing how to install Tiki Wiki using Debian and Virtualmin on my Blog . In this article, I will explain how to co
Article Tiki Wiki CMS installation on a barebone server using Debian11, MariaDB, Git and the Virtualmin/Webmin control panel In this Express Tutorial I will explain how to prepare a Linux Debian11 server to publish your Tiki Wiki website or any other so
Article Tiki Wiki CMS installation on Amazon Lightsail instance with Debian11, MariaDB, Git and Virtualmin/Webmin control panel This article is an update of a previous one that will exp
Article Tiki Wiki installation on Amazon Lightsail instance with Debian10, MariaDB, Git and Virtualmin Amazon added a cheaper solution to host your Tiki Wiki website , Lightsail and this is a short tutorial to help to create an inst
Article Tiki Wiki installation on Linux 2024 (Debian 12) Through this comprehensive guide learn how to setup your Debian 12 server and everything needed to install and maintain multiple Tiki Wiki websites or applications . T