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Tiki Wiki installation on Linux 2024 (Debian 12)

Bernard Sfez -

Through this comprehensive guide learn how to setup your Debian 12 server and everything needed to install and maintain multiple Tiki Wiki websites or applications. This concise tutorial covers the entire process, from upgrading your Debian Linux operating system to publish your TikiWiki website. This step-by-step walkthrough will cover MariaDB, installing different PHP versions, installing Webmin and Virtuamin control panel, setup and use Git, set an SSL certificat and finally publish your Tiki Wiki website online.

Set a static IP address for your Lightsail instance

Bernard Sfez -

I have published several articles detailing how to install Tiki Wiki using Debian and Virtualmin on my Blog. In this article, I will explain how to configure a static IP address for your Lightsail instance so that your domain points to this IP address. Additionally, I'll guide you through ensuring that Virtualmin is properly configured to manage domains and subdomains on your Apache2 server.

Upgrading from Tiki 25 to Tiki 26 (including PHP7.4 to PHP8.1), preparing for Tiki27

Bernard Sfez -

The new Tiki26 using PHP8, Bootstrap 5.3.x, Smarty 4 and Manticore-Search is just awesome. They were really a lot of improvement and technology changes in that version and using this version will really help with the next Tiki-Versions LTS, Tiki27. As we are a few weeks before Tiki27 release, I'm publishing these informations now, please consider revisitng this page from time to time as it will be updated based on experiences gathered also on Tiki27 upgrades.
Part of this information were compiled using Tiki Git version is for developers and from discussion on the Tiki room on the Matrix chat platform.

A Comprehensive Guide on how I Prepare for a Tiki Wiki upgrade

Bernard Sfez -

When it comes to upgrading Tiki, there's no one-size-fits-all approach. As discussed with other Tiki developers, there are various methods to upgrade. Some prefer to stick with Long Term Service (LTS) versions for as long as possible, making occasional significant upgrades. Others choose to migrate existing files from version to version and some use fresh versions and clone theme, language files, templates, database and files. In this article, I'll draw from my extensive experience in using, providing support services, and developing with Tiki Wiki CMS and explain my detailed process for upgrading a customer's Tiki from one stable version to another.

Tiki Wiki CMS installation on Amazon Lightsail instance with Debian11, MariaDB, Git and Virtualmin/Webmin control panel

Bernard Sfez -

This article is an update of a previous one that will explain how to install Tiki Wiki website on a Debian11 Lightsail instance. In short tutorial I’ll explain how to setup the Lightsail account and server (instance), install Debian11, install MariaDB and different PHP versions, install Webmin and Virtuamin control panel, setup and use Git, set an SSL certificat and finally publish your Tiki Wiki website online.

Online safety and privacy (explained to children)

Bernard Sfez -

Father of 2 teenagers with their own smartphones, I am concerned about privacy issues and their online safety. Between this hyper-connectivity and the constant implementation of new technologies without any hindsight on an often "involuntary" public, it is essential to prepare and protect our children for the revolutions to come and to give them the tools and the necessary education. For example, children (and adults) need to understand that the information they share online can be used for malicious purposes, such as harassment or impersonating. It is therefore important that they learn to protect their privacy by not sharing personal information such as their full name, address or telephone number.

Explanations of these things are all complicated and boring and I had to use a simple language and make it fun or at least pleasant. While teaching them how to safely enjoy the internet and providing them with a good security posture against malicious attacks, I saw adults walking by, stopping, listening and asking questions too. Motivated by my satisfaction in helping others, I decided to organize myself a little and prepare a publishable version of my "dad's wisdom meeting" 😉. This is the first post, let's see where the wind will take us...

Fixes and tips after upgrading from Tiki Wiki version 24 to Tiki 25

Bernard Sfez -

After we enjoyed a very solid Tiki24 with tested and improved features the Tiki Wiki team planned and started adding many additions or critical and complex update.
And what a better time than the 20th Tiki Wiki anniversary to release Tiki 25(https://doc.tiki.org/Tiki25), a future version that will lead the way to Tiki 27, the next LTS (Long Term Services) of this web based application generator !
In this article I will explain the different changes and adaptations I had do to have a previous Tiki24 website to work using the Tiki 25 version. Those are mainly visual changes due to upgrading from Bootstrap4 to Bootstrap5.