Tiki Trackers - ItemLink, ItemList and Dynamic ItemList field types

Author: System Administrator - Published

In this video we will review together the differences between very important trackers field types;
The ItemLink, ItemList and Dynamic ItemList.
I will also demonstrate how to use them.
And first I would like to start with sixty seconds of Tiki news for September 2019.


Tiki and Git workflow

Author: Bernard Sfez - Published

In this video I’ll talk about:
Tiki installations options
How to install Git on your computer
How to pull a Tiki branch from Git without all the history
How to Upgrade, how to check status, etc.
Git Workflow for developers
What is changing for SVN Tiki contributors
How to create your fork and setup your branch
How to commit and submit your changes
How to create a merge request and submit it for approval
How to keep your branch up-to-date with the rest of the code
Cherry-Picking (backport)
Edit your commit message before push

Basic Tiki Customisation

Author: Bernard Sfez - Published

In this Tiki Express Tutorial we will view together how to set up your Tiki after the install.
In this video I'll show you:

  • Set up the sender email,
  • How to set up your website name,
  • Set the date and time preferences,
  • Change theme and the layout,
  • Quick code customisation,
  • Quickly view the log in setting,
  • Set your logo and the website title,

Contact Management in Tiki using Trackers

Author: Bernard Sfez - Published

In this Tiki Express Tutorial about Tiki, the Trackers, we’ll create a main tracker and we'll link 2 trackers together. I’ll show you how to use several field type;

  • Text field, ItemLink field,
  • Dynamic Items List,
  • Email field,
  • Auto Increment field.

I'll explain the Tracker Item list view... And I'll quickly show Diagram, a new feature in Tiki19.

Trackers Feature in #Tiki

Author: Bernard Sfez - Published

In this Tiki Express Tutorial I’ll talk about one of main the feature in Tiki, the Trackers.

  • I’ll explain what is the Trackers feature
  • I’ll show you how to enable the Trackers
  • How to create your first Tracker
  • To create a page to collect information for a tracker
  • I’ll describe quickly the basic tracker field types
  • How to enable the tracker advanced field types
  • I’ll demonstrate the Mathematical calculation field
  • We’ll do a quick review of the Trackers global options
  • As well as we’ll review the tracker properties (another set of option for each tracker)
  • Finally we’ll use a plugin list to display a catalog from a tracker in a wiki page

Banners feature in Tiki

Author: Bernard Sfez - Published

In this video I’ll show you;

  • How to enable the banners feature in Tiki
  • How to set up a simple banner on a page
  • I’ll show you where are the banners stats for admins and users
  • We’ll do a quick review of the banners parameters with you
  • I’ll show you how to place a banner using Tiki modules

Features and options in Tiki

Author: Bernard Sfez - Published

There is in Tiki an insane number of features and only a few are activated by default.It is up to the Tiki Admin to enable more if needed and to configure them. On this Tiki Express Tutorial done using Tiki19 I’ll show you:

How to enable a feature from the Control Panels
How to enable a Global Feature from the features panel
How to enable an Interface feature
A quick overview of the Programmer features
And where to look for feature options

Administration tips in Tiki (Video Tutorial)

Author: Bernard Sfez - Published

My name is Bernard Sfez and I’m a Tiki specialist.
In this Tiki Express tutorial I'll give you the maximum tips I can about Tiki Administration.
Those tips will be helpful for Tiki beginners but may also reveal some nice tricks to advanced users.
Some you will use on regular basis and some when things are not working as expected.

In this video I’ll show you;

  • How to set and use the quick Admin module
  • What you can find in the Admin Bar menu
  • How to turn on Advanced setting (and saves them)
  • How to use the Admin search preferences
  • How to check permissions for different users and adjust them
  • What to do when things are not working as expected
  • And a super quick view about Tiki-check and phpinfo