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I help users and customers to master the power of Tiki Wiki, a complete web application builder. Using my solid background and my management skills I help customers to organise and define realistic roadmap that lead to project’s success.

Tiki Wiki can be set in an instant with simple feature like Blogs or Forums ready to be used. The real power reside in using together the advanced features like Trackers, CustomSearch, Tiki Shopping Cart, etc. Those features together with tools and technologies like unified index, Rating & Calculation fields, Smarty Templates or ElasticSearch can be used to build very powerful and complex data management system.

Being using and member of the Dev team since 2004 I was Release Coordinator for several years. I’m an Admin of the Tiki Wiki CMS Groupware (Open Source) and I work actively to organise the community, organise the QA and the coordination of this huge project (hundreds of commits each month from hundreds of developers around the world). I’m a Tiki Wiki Specialist and my knowledge can help your organisation to setup a successful project using Tiki Wiki !

I’m the author of the Tiki Express Tutorials where I publish regularly new video to help other users.

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My Tiki Wiki services

New Install & Hosting setup

Let a professional install your Tiki so you can focus on the essential.

Depending on your hosting and request I can install a release package or a git version to ease updates. I set the proper initial setup files and parameters (memory, upload size, caches, etc).

I give consulting time to evaluate the hosting options for backup, automation, monitoring and security.

Third party hosting

Includes Tiki Wiki install and first settings and 1 hour support to review the Tiki, the backup and SSL options. Does not include your hosting supplier's fees.

Estimated cost: between 2 to 4 hours
Depending of your hosting limitations
I have a cheaper yearly package !

All the above 12 month hosting, server optimisation, SSL certificate, Tasks automation, 1h monthly support, backups.

Cost: $69 /month*
Tiki Wiki version update

Upgrade safely and benefit from the new enhancement released.

This operation require a little more than just copying files. Some technologies included in Tiki may have changed and your hosting setup may require some tweaking.

If your theme is custom there is a chance that it require adjustment. It is a good time to cleanup and evaluate the health of your Tiki and files.

Tiki Wiki version update

Includes server check, previous version backup, new install, template adaptation, database optimisation, index cleaning and global evaluation.

Estimated cost: between 2 to 4 hours
Depending of your hosting limitations
Would you mind a suggestion ?

All the above 12 month hosting, server optimisation, SSL certificate, Tasks automation, 1h monthly support, backups. And... I'll do the migration for free !

Cost : $69/month*
Troubleshooting & Support

Get your Tiki fixed and optimised by a specialist and an IT professional .

You need technical support to find why your Tiki or a feature is not working as expected ? It may come from your server settings or upgrade, from a database corruption, from corrupted unified-index, etc.

Having a long experience with such problems I can help you and clean problems so your Tiki fulfill it's job.

Troubleshooting & Support

I check the server settings, the DNS parameters, PHP and MySQL and I optimisation and upgrade when possible. I check servers and files access and permissions, I check the protection of your informations. It include modules troubleshooting, index fixing, Tiki permissions fixing, code fixing, etc.

Estimated cost: Per worked hours
Advanced configurations

Have your configuration and workflow reviewed and set by an experienced Tiki user.

You may know what you want and you can be sure your Tiki can do it, but why spend hours to learn and experiment what others have already done? Let the eyes of a Tiki veteran check your trackers or plugin List parameters.

To setup ElasticSearch or integrate a modern bootstrap (mobile) design you can count on me to get your project where it need to be.

Advanced configurations

Advanced usage of List and listExecute, Smarty templates design, Javascript integration, ElasticSearch install and parameters, advanced mathematical fields, charts and more.

Estimated cost: Per worked hours
What about a ready to run Tiki ?

Chance are I've created a Ready-to-use Web App that is similar to your project. Check the list of my apps and let's discuss how we can lower deployment cost!

Cost: $199 /month*
Data Migration

Migrate existing data into Tiki?

Unlike Tiki, not every software integrate tools for smooth export. Textual content is one thing, images are another and files need to be relinked to their content. Copy/Paste ? What a headache and from experience I know data will be lost.

I can study and elaborate a successful strategy to migrate your precious information from your previous system to a brand new Tiki.

Data Migration into Tiki

It includes the Importation of data from a previous system (Wordpress, Sharepoint, etc.), injection inside the database, mass document upload into Tiki Wiki, etc.

Estimated cost: Per worked hours
From Wordpress to Tiki ?!

I can propose to setup for you a brand new Tiki on one of my server and I'll do the migration for free! Check my New Install & Hosting setup plan and contact me.

Tiki Free Trial

You want to test Tiki?

Well, I'm convinced you'll be convinced and to proove it I offer you a brand new Tiki with hosting and setup for 1 month. Use and test Tiki Wiki for one month for free. A 100% safe way to start with Tiki Wiki with a full install and consulting.

Happy ? You stay with a Tiki and all your configuration and content. Not happy ? Neaaa I don't think so. 😉

Test Tiki for free

Register and I'll create for you a brand new Tiki on one of my server with admin credential and access to all my Tiki Express Tutorials.

On delivery I give you one free hour of consulting and support to help you during your initial setup. Test, explore and decide without any obligation. Once the trial ends I'll be glad you keep running your web site using one of my Tiki Wiki plan.

Estimated cost: I told you... free
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