Kindergarten, Childcare, Preschool, After-school, Summer camps, Curriculum web app

Save time and automate tasks: daily reports, class management, subscriptions, payments, children health cards, etc. Help your team and parents with an easy to use friendly interface.

Benefit from using a mobile application to manage, visualise and share information with the parents or your team from your fingertips. It is a modern tool for kindergartens, nurseries, scholar, extracurricular activities, camps, etc. It is regularly updated, maintained and can be customised for your business.

Billed annually
Taxes may applied
Price for Life !
  • Children Registration
  • Accounts and management
  • Holidays, classes and events
  • Parents information
  • Friendly and easy to use
  • Pictures and Videos galleries
  • Daily attendance reports
  • Weekly menus
  • Calendar and Holidays
  • Parents testimonials
  • Connection to clearing solutions
  • Payments tracking and reminders
  • Terms and conditions
  • Suppliers and contacts
  • Team private information
  • Employees working hours
  • Monthly reports
  • Dedicated Web application
  • 5h project coordination
  • Cloud hosting setup
  • MariaDB installation
  • Control panel setup
  • Git repository
  • Graphic adaptation (10h)
  • Design desktop/mobile
  • SSL certificate setup
  • Search Engine Friendly settings
  • Tiki Wiki Installation
  • Initial parameters setup
  • Website publication
  • Tiki performances
  • Tiki security settings
  • Regular upgrades
  • Website Monitoring
  • Web Analytic setup
  • Daily Backups
  • Online guide and training (3h)
  • 1h Support (monthly)
  • 12 month hosting
Billed annually
Taxes may applied
Price for Life !

Contact me to order this web app or ask questions and we'll schedule a meeting. I'll help you to organise and I'll publish your website contributing effectively and smoothly on the way to your success. 😉

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