Knowledge base, Collaborative encyclopedia Web App management

Manage and collaborate with your team to publish information, documentation, files, images, audio or video content.

Create, curate and share privately or publicly a large amount of information. Benefit from advanced collaborative authoring tools, in-file documents search, advanced permissions, notifications and discussions features through a modern software solution. Ideal to run a Wikipedia like site, technical database, a medical knowledge base website, etc.

Price for Life !
/month* Billed annually
  • Documents and files storage and distribution
  • Forums, discussions and comments per item
  • Custom data management feature (Trackers)
  • Geolocation and Map feature (Google® map ready)
  • Multilingual and translation complete system
  • Revision and submission approval management
  • History, rollback and versions control
  • Copyright and contributors mangement tools
  • Watches and notifications on event(edit or delete)
  • Advanced search (compatible ElasticSearch)
  • Tags key-wording functionality
  • Printing and PDF creation tools
  • Wiki editing tools
  • Users management and groups (roles)
  • Permission per features, categories or object
  • Usage and action log and reports
  • Dedicated Web application
  • 5h project coordination
  • Cloud hosting setup
  • MariaDB installation
  • Control panel setup
  • Git repository
  • Graphic adaptation (10h)
  • Design desktop/mobile
  • SSL certificate setup
  • Search Engine Friendly settings
  • Tiki Wiki Installation
  • Initial parameters setup
  • Website publication
  • Tiki performances
  • Tiki security settings
  • Regular upgrades
  • Website Monitoring
  • Web Analytic setup
  • Daily Backups
  • Online guide and training (3h)
  • 1h Support (monthly)
  • 12 month hosting
Price for Life !
/month* Billed annually

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Knowledge database web app by Bernard Sfez using Tiki
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